Building community

When our farm was first settled there was a strong need for community - neighbours and family relying on each other to provide skills, knowledge, goods and support.  These days that community is just as important to us as we reach out to those striving to live their lives by the same set of values:


Developing the skills and knowledge to grow, make and fix things.  

Efficient Use of Resources

Making the most of what you have.

Appreciation for Nature

To get closer to and tread more lightly on our natural environment. 

Conserving our Rural Heritage

Preserving the skills and technologies of our ancestors


Our events & activities provide an opportunity to gather with other members of this community to learn, share and have fun.  

Workshops & EVENTS

Kids ClubHouse

If you have an idea for a workshop or have an event that you'd like to host on our farm, please contact us.