Elementary School Programs

Our curriculum-linked school programs are ideal for primary and junior elementary classes, as well as daycare and camp groups.  We provide fun, interactive presentations and activities that can be customized to meet your class' individual needs and lesson plans. 


Study life cycles and the needs & characteristics of chickens the hands-on way with our all-inclusive mobile hatching chickens program.  We will travel to your location and provide a 1 hour educational experience with a selection of eggs, chicks and chickens as well as an incubator full of hatching eggs!  

Teachers, caregivers and leaders can sit back and enjoy while our farm educator covers a variety of topics designed to best engage your audience and tie into your learning objectives for the session.  Save with multiple sessions at one location - perfect for schools with more than one class interested in participating! Contact us for more details.



Meet all of the animals at the farm! Learn about their needs and characteristics, the changes as they grow, as well as how we care for them and why we have them.  

Explore the farm during your visit! 

  • A variety of farm animals to view and interact with
  • A large playground to burn off some steam
  • Activities and seating for lunch or snacks in our barn loft
  • Wash stations and portapotties

Click here for a printable information form.

Give us a call or email and we'll plan a visit that best meets your objectives, group size and budget.